Dealing with Hardships

For the many people I know struggling through hardships right now…

The truth is, bad things happen to good innocent people everywhere, every day.

Right now, if you are going through turmoil or hardships, you may be experiencing deep sadness, anxiety, depression, and even panic attacks. You may feel there is no way out of the situation you are in. You may be asking why this is happening to you. You may be thinking this is the end of my life, my future is ruined, forever stained by this incident.

The truth is, this is the BEGINNING!

Brutal hardships befall the most successful people. Right now, in your time of difficulty, how you REACT, how you choose to move forward, learn and grow from your hardships will make all of the difference. The time for you to begin on the greatest of all journeys is NOW.

It is okay to feel how you feel, angry, defeated, scared, broken, all of the feelings. Feel how you feel, but do not let it define who you are. Do not get caught up in fear and self-pity. Instead, feel how you feel then look at what you can control. What can you control right now that will help move you forward?

Do not let your hardships define you. Instead, use your hardships to REDEFINE you!

Never have I come upon a time in life when I could not find even the smallest of things to work on moving myself forward. Whether it be reading, researching on the internet, learning to create something, anything that would help move myself and my thoughts forward. You do not need money for most of these things.

When you are experiencing hardships is the time you should be asking yourself deeper questions. What do you want out of life? What are your desired feelings; how do you want to feel each day? Powerful? Zen? Excited? Full of zest? What are you passionate about? What is something that when you think about doing that thing it elicits one of your desired feelings?

How can you use your passions to help others? You may think you are not qualified or too young to help others. But I assure you there is always someone else out there struggling through what you are struggling through. There is always someone else out there passionate about the things you are passionate about. There is always someone else out there that wants to know they are not alone.

Find a way to be grateful each day

Once a day, take time to be grateful for what you do have. You have to feel the gratitude though. No mindless list making of things you “should” be grateful for. Even if the only thing you can muster the feeling of gratitude towards for that day is that it’s 5 o’clock and you get to go home. Sit with that feeling of gratitude and relief for the rest of your commute home. Finding a way to feel grateful each day will help change your mindset and relieve stress.

Your new life starts today. You will get through this. You will emerge, likely with some battle scars, but a new stronger version of you that would have never been found if you hadn’t fought; if insteadyou had let the hardships define you instead of redefine you.

If you are struggling and need someone to help talk you through your hard times. Or if you need someone to help ask you the hard questions and search for the answers to help move you forward, I’m always open to help –

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