Setting Individualized Goals

Individualized Goal Setting

New Year, New me? Eh, it's the same old me, but this year I'm setting goals with intention. You'll see what I mean...

You may or may not be the type to set yearly goals or "resolutions" (I prefer the term goals). But I do think goals are important and are something everyone should consider and revisit throughout the year.

Setting goals help to give life meaning and direction. Whether you realize it or not, it's human nature to aspire to be more and do more. Even those who seem to not have any life goals, you may see them as angry, jealous people. Well, that is simply because they want something (or a whole lot of things) they don't have. They won't ever admit that to you or even themselves, but envy stems from desire.

Many of us make a long list of things we want to start doing or change, like drink more water, go to the gym, meditate, read one book every month. Then we get lost and stressed out trying to fit all out new little tasks into our already jam-packed day. When setting these "goals" we fail to look at the bigger picture and set at least one big meaningful goal that will help us start working towards the life we want to live.

Year after year I've noticed myself getting lost among these task-like goals; read one book every month, post to Instagram every day, listen to one podcast or one informative video each day. Stuck in the never-ending cycle of these tasks that inevitably lead me to nowhere by the end of the year because I failed to look at my bigger picture. The picture of what all these tasks should lead me to by the end of the year.

Sure, I experienced some growth from completing my daily tasks. But once I sat down and thought on a larger scale about what exactly I wanted to achieve my task-like goals became purposeful. The actual big picture goal gave my task-like goals direction.

Here is how I set up my 2019 Plan of Attack.

What is your Big Picture Goal?

What do you want to learn, accomplish, or create by the end of 2019?

For sanity purposes, I'm focusing on only two goals this year because they are both very large goals. I will share one of my Big Picture Goals with you!

Recently I sold my beautiful mountain home, left my soul-sucking corporate job, and moved to a new city to pursue my passion for helping others reach their life and fitness goals. That being said, one of my big picture goals for 2019 is to help enough people get started working towards their own fitness and life goals to create a full-time income.

When writing down your Big Picture Goal, make sure there is a clear end date and that it is measurable. For example, my end date is 12/31/19, to make it measurable I would define "full-time income" to $70,000.00.

Supporting Goals

Small goals that support the major goal(s). I chose two to three supporting goals in categories I think will make the biggest difference in helping me reach my big picture goals. I'll share mine for example.

  1. Mental Shifts - Your mindset and beliefs are one of the most important factors in creating success.
    • Believe in myself, my experiences, my abilities, and that I am worthy of success. (Law of Attraction).
    • Be grateful every day, for the wins and the losses.
  2. . Supporting skills - Focus and improve upon your strengths. Don't waste time trying to improve on your weaknesses; excel and grow in what you're good at! Strengths are gifts!
    • Communication - Writing is my strongest form of communication, but I'd like to get better at video and audio too! Sharing content in all forms will help me build this skill.
    • Connectedness - A few years ago I took the Strength Finders 2.0 test, connectedness is my greatest strength. Which actually means I'm great with helping others see connections in their talents, their actions, and what they wish to accomplish. So I will look for ways I can exercise and build upon this strength.
  3. Detrimental habits to break
    • Mindless scrolling through social media/ phone usage - I downloaded the StayFocused app on my phone. There is also a Google Chrome extension you can add to your Chrome browser called StayFocusd that helps you from getting sucked into social media or browsing the web as well.
    • Not managing my time- typically I write down my Power List (5 important tasks I must complete for my day). The problem is I don't schedule a set time to complete them in my day. Then before I know it, it's 9 pm, I'm mentally cashed, and I've left my most important and most time-consuming task for last.
      • How to Multiply Your Time a Ted Talk on a method I am using to help me make the most of my time (so I make real progress and don't get lost in the small tasks).
        • Panda Planner - Daily planner I'm using so I can schedule a set amount of time each day to work on certain tasks. (If you enter PANDAFAM at checkout on Amazon you should get 10% off).
    • Continuing Education
      • Keep a running list of podcasts, videos, roundtable discussions etc. that provide high-quality information that will help me reach my goals and be the best coach possible.
      • Budget $1000 to:
        • Join 1 to 2 health and/or exercise research publications or informational sites.
        • Attend a conference
        • Purchase books/ online publications in health, fitness, business, and mindset.

    The supporting goals are not your conventional goal setting technique most high-level goal-setters preach. But, I think goal setting should be more individualized. As a creative, adding too many numbers and figures to meet by a certain date stumps my creativity. It adds unneeded anxiety and stress to a goal I was originally so excited to work towards. Personally, I'm finding these supportive goals help give my larger goals direction without the added stress.

    Each day I use my Power List, five critical tasks I need to complete to move me towards my big picture goal. And I use these supportive goals to help give those tasks direction.

    Hope you have found this method of goal setting as helpful as I have! Here's to a year of kicking ass and winning!

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