To The Curious Non-Rider

A letter, inspired by a friend, to those who have never ridden a motorcycle. Who may or may not be interested in riding, but are curious about what it’s like.

To the curious non-rider,

There are many different reasons why I, and others, ride motorcycles. But there is one thing you will hear almost every person who rides say, “…it’s hard to describe the feeling.” We can’t describe the feeling to someone who hasn’t ridden because riding a motorcycle is an intimate and personal experience. Like meditation or therapy, nearly every ride you come away with a different perspective, a new confidence, a sense of serenity.

One day you might be riding down a road you’ve traveled a million times and now suddenly it’s like you’re truly seeing it in all of its beauty for the first time. Road trips are no longer about the destination, they become about the journey. You get to fully experience each space you ride through, the temperature changes, humidity levels, every scent and sound of what surrounds you. None of this can be experienced the same way in a car, not even a convertible, in the way you would experience the space on a motorcycle; present.

People live for the experiences they have while riding. Riding speaks to the soul on a spiritual level most people will never understand. Why do you think so many veterans ride? Riding is one of the only natural medicines that aid in soothing the mental traumas they’ve endured. There are times you will be riding down a quiet road near dusk, the air still, a perfect temperature, and suddenly you will be filled with unconditional love. The feeling of synchronicity, being right where you are meant to be. All worries, fear, stresses gone. It’s as if your soul has left the body; you feel you must have died and gone to heaven.

When you ride you are one with the bike. The bike moves with you. It’s the most controlling seemingly out of control thing you can experience. It’s addictive, it’s surreal, it’s an adrenaline rush, it’s serenity, you make the call when you set out for a ride. You can dance hand in hand with the reaper or you can cruise hand in hand with the soul. It’s your decision, it’s your mindset, it’s your journey, no one else’s.

Dangerous? Maybe. Risky? Depends; for the most part, you make that call. If you can forget all of the negative things anyone has ever told you about motorcycles and release all of the judgments you fear will come from loved ones if you decide to ride. And instead, ask your heart if riding is for you. If the answer is yes, let no one stand in your way.

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