Top Carolina Coffee Shops


Top Carolina Coffee Shops

Over these cold winter days, I've been thinking about the places I want to ride to this summer. I wanted to create a list of places that were different from the typical road trip list, I could ride over one or two days, wouldn't cost me a lot of money, and was something I loved.

What do I love?

I LOVE coffee.

Easy answer: Coffee Shop Tour

Are you excited? I'm excited! Here's my list of places I'd like to visit in no particular order:

1. Methodical Coffee

[caption id="attachment_1607" align="alignleft" width="2048"]methodical coffee Methodical Coffee - Greenville, South Carolina[/caption]

Seriously though, how cute is this coffee shop? I wish my kitchen looked this fresh and inviting. Check out Methodical Coffee on Instagram, their page is gorgeous. Ironically as I was writing this post I found this coffee shop was named the most beautiful coffee shop in South Carolina by Architectural Digest.

2. Not Just Coffee - 7th Street Market

[caption id="attachment_1632" align="aligncenter" width="1497"]Not Just Coffee, 7th Street Market location Not Just Coffee - 7th Street Market location; Charlotte, North Carolina[/caption]

7th Street Market supports local and regional farmers as well as food artisans and entrepreneurs - yes, please. Home to one of five Not Just Coffee locations they house several other vendors that sell wine, raw juice, baked goods, crepes, sushi and more! I could definitely spend all day here. Here's a list of the vendors they support.

3. Trade & Lore

[caption id="attachment_1631" align="aligncenter" width="1354"]Trade and Lore, Charlotte, North Carolina Trade & Lore - Charlotte, North Carolina location[/caption]

Trade & Lore's Charlotte location was named North Carolina's most beautiful coffee shop by Architectural Digest. This shop makes me want to paint my walls black... like now. They also have a location here in Asheville, North Carolina that I wasn't aware of. I'll have to check the local shop out as well!

4. Krankies

[caption id="attachment_1612" align="aligncenter" width="603"]Krankies, Winston-Salem, NC Krankies, Winston-Salem, North Carolina[/caption]

A cafe, bar, and live entertainment venue... Need I say more? I get a bit of a punk vibe from their Instagram page kraniescafe.

5. Vintage Coffee Cafe

[caption id="attachment_1627" align="alignnone" width="960"]Vintage Coffee Cafe - Charleston, South Carolina Vintage Coffee Cafe - Charleston, South Carolina[/caption]

Loving the warm vintage beach vibes of Vintage Coffee Cafe. I can't wait to grab a coffee here then go spend the day rest of the day on the beach.

6. American Brew

[caption id="attachment_1625" align="aligncenter" width="600"]American Brew - Virginia Beach, VA American Brew - Virginia Beach, Virgina[/caption]

Ashley Horner's American Brew!! Okay, not a coffee shop in the Carolinas, BUT it's a coffee and whiskey cafe. Who wouldn't want to go here?!

This cafe is the furthest destination on my list but one I am most excited to visit. I have been talking about visiting here since she opened American Brew cafe near the beach. Ashley Horner is a well known female bodybuilder who is constantly doing amazing things to help her local community, veterans, and those less fortunate than us here in the great USA. She is definitely a role model of mine not only in the bodybuilding world but for all she does to help others. Hopefully, I will get the chance to meet her one day but at the very least I want to visit and support her cafe.

I plan to take a few vacation days to go visit Vintage Coffee Cafe and American Brew. I love the ocean and they are both right on the coast so they make the perfect places to stop while vacationing! Plus, that will give me a little extra time to hunt down a few more unique coffee shops in the area.

I'm still looking for places to add to my list! Feel free to share your favorite coffee shops!

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