8-Week Private Fit Life Group

8-Week Private Fit Life Group

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Currently 5 open spots. All group information will be sent out on February 13th so you can ask any questions and prep over the weekend to begin on Monday the 18th. 

The goal of the group is to help get you started with maintainable lifestyle changes so you can start living your best life. This is not a fast- track extreme weight loss program. This is a lifestyle program, however, you can lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain weight based on your goals.

What you get:

  • Customized Macros - daily protein, fat, and carb grams based on you and your lifestyle. I will help you with a sample meal plan and make food and supplement suggestions based on your overall health and goals. However, I will not tell you what to eat each day.
  •  8-week workout plan (gym or home workouts)
  •  8-week daily mindfulness routine
  •  Private weekly email check-ins with me, plus access to me via text
  • Weekly group Zoom Calls